Monday, May 31, 2010

Traveling Pendant Score Card

Well I won't tell you where I am standing here, but if you look carefully, the traveling pendant is with me. This story coming up between some other artisans. I am a writing fool these days!

I thought I would do a quick score card of where this baby has been.

It was born on a sunny morning in California by a pack of Lean Dogs. It then was adopted by myself and suddenly Lean Dogs was taunting folks to show off where they are wearing their jewelry out on the town.

Ahem. I don't go out on the town. When I go out (when they allow me) it usually is more of adventure. Honestly, never been arrested!

So from California, to Delaware.
Then it went to my girl friends house where we sipped on tea and played with a
Highlander Kurgan Sword. Big pendant requires a big sword.

Then we went mad as a hatter to a 4 star restaurant owned by some friends (hats included) to have dinner there with pendant. That might be the closest to me going out on the town. Sneaking into the kitchen to pick on the chef however, I don't think is on most folks agenda while going out.

Then a Moroccan restaurant with my son to watch belly dancers and eat with our hands all night. This is not McDonalds folks.

Well this was all and good, but I needed a bit more spice in my traveling pendant adventures. So I figured taking the traveling pendant up 3500 in a C-130 might be cool, and it was!

My bravest adventure yet was my trip to Washington DC with 3 or 4 buses (who's counting, it was a mob!) of 6th graders to the Holocaust Museum.

And now here I am and I still have a few more stories to put up to get caught up, just with the pendant.

So I say to the other Lean Dog fans out there....BRING IT ON!

I know you are out there....come out, come out...wherever you are!


  1. That things gets around more than I do

  2. Hanging around with you would be so much fun...what a cool idea with your pendant! Great picture!

  3. Is it bad that I am seriously jealous of that pendant? So much adventure...

  4. goodness! When I was making it, I never realized it would go so far!

  5. Malach, that is an accomplishment!

    Dawn, anytime yer in my timezone, give me a ring!

    Miss P! So happy to see you. Yes, you should be jealous...but go visit Kelly...she has great stuff and nothing is ever the same. But I bet she could whip you up something cool. (Of course never as cool as mine!)

    Kelly....funny how those things happen, isn't it? I had a ring of yours on too, always getting compliments on that...I think you called it the fossil ring.