Sunday, April 4, 2010

Traveling Pendant Morrocan Style

It is time for a short but sweet installment of the traveling pendant. For those who are new here and not aware of what the traveling pendant is, I direct you here.

Last month my youngest turned 12 and I couldn't be any prouder of him. When you have another child with severe developmental delays and MR due to autism such as my oldest, you take nothing for granted.

I thought it would be fun to take my youngest for his birthday to a local Moroccan restaurant called Casablanca's for dinner. They have both male and female belly dancers, you get to eat everything with your fingers, there is lots of loud music, couches and pillows instead of tables and chairs, incredible food; what's not to like? The only camera on me is my blackberry (a.k.a. the crackberry and yeah, I get it now!) I manage to get a decent photo of my baby with a lovely belly dancer. Took him a bit of time to warm up to the idea of the place...she didn't hurt any.

I know, he is totally adorable.

Right, so it is his turn to try and capture a picture of Mom with pendant for purposes of this blog. After several attempts this was the best I got. Now for starters, I don't drink alcohol. I have not for about seven years for health reasons...and no, not because of having a drinking problem health reason unless you want to count the fact that I often miss my mouth entirely. So I am not drunk, I am not diabetic, so no sugar high or low there that I am aware of. No recreation drugs, as if anyone can afford them anyway. So, I guess I just look this goofy and disheveled naturally and I am just going to roll with it.
Unfortunately the best shot I got showed my tattoo more than my pendant, but you take what you can get some days. I think he was rather distracted and I cannot say I blame him...there was a lot going on. I have cleverly pointed out the pendant for you. OK, it is not that clever....but I tried. It is Easter Sunday and I am doing double duty in the kitchen.

It has been a relatively pleasant weekend and I also was proud as punch to see him at the local skate park trying out some new stuff and meeting and making some new friends.

I have also discovered this week while taking him shopping that skinny jeans are the in thing, baggy are out. Heavy metal vintage t-shirts are the rage (Since when is Metallica vintage??? They are still touring! Oh hell, am I that old???) And that I am way behind the "cool" scene and need to catch up post-haste!

Happy Spring everyone....unless yer down under, Happy Fall!


  1. HEY MISS RAVEN... HAPPY EASTER... TIME FLIES... and seems to fly faster & faster & faster every day. Will we ever catchup, or is it time to roost and watch the youngens scamper to keep beat!? Thanks for posting... always enjoyable ~

  2. Oh yes, he is adorable:)
    Cool Mama you are!!!!!!

  3. Nice collage of the skateboard park

  4. I feel you as a very warm, sensitive and hearted Women,
    thank you soooo much for your
    wonderful comment on my Blog!!!!

  5. This is a great post!!!! Yes your son is soooo cute. Love the tat and of course your necklace. It just looks like you are having fun. Ohhh skinny jeans ... hmmmm I think we called those pegged in my day and we did the pegging. LOL

  6. your such a nice mommy. Taking your son to see belly dancers! ha! ..Always love to see the traveling pendant around. :) And you my dear are adorable! :) Hope you and your family had a nice holiday weekend! xo

  7. So... does that only count for teens, or am I also "in" when I wear my Guns 'n Roses T with my skinnies?
    Congrats on your boy's birthday MI!!

  8. Plain Spirit, I am catching up with my correspondence, I am going to get to you today, I promise and thank you!

    Michelle, thank you for your lovely and kind words. I loved your treasures!

    Vim, easy to make a good collage when you have good material. :) Thank you!

    BeadWright, I forget we called them...but similar cut was in at one point for me in high school as well. And those ridiculous stirrup pants! lol. Just amazing what we use to wear.

    Kelly, this place is so awesome...families always bring their kids of every age in their and the dancers are great with kids. They will stop and take their time with the kids and get them up to dance. It is so much fun!

    Angel you are always "IN" and totally "Cool." :)