Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Enigmatic Labyrinth

I have a dear friend who worked very hard with me on my golf outing fundraiser. He has some challenges in life, but really is an absolute JOY and PLEASURE to work with and can get the job done.

So he needs a header for a blog and I designed him said header below.

If you want to learn why he is an Enigma you will have to visit his blog and read his stories. It will be interesting keeping up with his daily notes and adventures. I have worked with him long enough to know that there is always something to talk about, and as he said..."You cannot make this shit up." So please give him a visit at

And yes a sense of humor he has.
Contemplative yet slightly evil, but in a good way.
Are we hams....yes we are hams and we shall have some green eggs with ham!
We love our work!

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