Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm here...sorta

I know, I know! I have not been around or posting like a good girl. And I do have lots of great stuff to put up and share with everyone.

I am in the midst of my fundraising season and I only have 5 days left. Then I will be gone taking a full weekend in at the ******** ******.
(I cannot disclose that information at this time, top secret yanno.)

Will be attempting to walk the ******* ************ ******* Walk on Saturday, May 15. My feet are NOT going to be happy with me. I think hobbling is a better term to use, I won't be walking very well by then.

Awe well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Pain is inevitable, Misery is Optional.

The traveling pendant has a few stories and a few more coming up. Plus I have a few really wonderful artisans I plan on featuring. My life is just 200% consumed with my fundraiser and until that and ****** weekend have passed, I am afraid my ability to write much of anything more cohesive than what you would read in a bowl of alphabet soup is nada.

But really, I am ok....I even went on a **** **** with a 6th grade class to ************ **. See, I am perfectly fine after 2 hours on a bus with them. I look like this all the time.

Anyhoodles, I am leaving a few clues or visual aids on some of the upcoming stories I will be posting after I get through surviving this next week. I have the following week off (Hooray!) So I will be able to catch up with my traveling pendant stories, my feature artisans and hopefully any art work I need to do. Whew!

Lean Dog Traveling Pendant Journeys...
I will have about FOUR!

I had the opportunity to take a friend of mine on a special journey on the 18th of April. It was an honor, as it has been in the past to be company with these folks and this is all I am giving you.

Like the hat? So did I...Ouch you are too late, it is mine! Moaning Minnie from Etsy will be featured soon. I am a huge fan of her hats. I just cannot lower myself to buy one at the mall now. I have learned though, if you like it, grab it. You may never see another one like it again. A lot of OOAK going on in her shop.

Mmmmmm, Kona bar. You wanna eat it, but you are really better off bathing with it. Dancing Mooney is also coming up. She makes some fantastic soaps, jewelry and....

Did I mention I like butterflies?

Kinda reminds of my life some days....but here is another clue for the traveling pendant series...

and yes, one more.

That's a wrap folks! Thank you for patience and I look forward to bringing to you more great artisans and stories. I am also interested in anyone else who would like to share their story.

Namaste and Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there who is or has a mother.


  1. Can't wait to see what you've been up to!

  2. Happy Mothers Day to you!
    excited to see what's going to be revealed by you!

  3. I was wondering how the fundraising was going this year!
    Happy mothers day darling.

  4. DM well you know me, I am ALWAYS UP to something.

    Epic, thank you! I actually did sit on my duff and get waited for ONE day...I needed it too.

    Lean Dog - You know I will do you proud!

    Angel - Bloody fantastic!

  5. I hope you have survived the fund raising! Looking forward to what comes next. Great to be back in touch :-)