Sunday, May 30, 2010

Found it, tried it, loved it!

I have three VERY classy soap ladies that I purchase from and have been very loyal to them for all of my soapy needs. I use their soaps from everything to just washing hands, dishes, my hair (yup you heard it, my hair), gifts and even washing my stockings and delicates by hand.

The reason I have three suppliers I use is because of their unique style and utmost high quality. That and I don't break out from their carefully crafted soaps.

I have blogged about one and two others will be coming down the road. One I am holding off on till she reveals some new soaps and updates her supplies.

Ok...tried these soaps and I consider them BIG winners. Some others are winners, but will be featured later in their respective posts.

My first summer favorite comes from one of the first Etsy Artisans that I ever purchased from and I have watched her shop grow and just become more fabulous than ever! I went off the track on my usual purchases from her and tried her summer sage soap. Here is her description.

{summer sage} . olive oil soap

Made with gentle cleansing olive oil and my own special blend of sage, lemongrass, and sweet orange essential oils... This soap is bursting with citrus and a hint of earthy sage, along with pretty calendula petals that keep you dreaming of summer all year long.

This soap is stimulating, invigorating, clarifying and refreshing. ♥

I have to say she is spot on. I have found his soap to be an essential in the kitchen. When you are cooking with strong odors such as seafood, onions and such, this is the bar to reach for. I love it, give it a try, I don't think you will be disappointed.

I have featured Epically Epic Soaps on here before, you can find it here. But I have fallen in love with one of her simple and yet mos elegant soaps. If you like Bryers Vanilla Ice Cream, you are in for a treat. Here is her description:

This quietly beautiful soap has become a customer favorite!

Vanilla Bean ~ A goat's milk soap scented with only 100% natural ground vanilla bean. This isn't one of those too-sweet synthetic vanilla fragrances -- just real vanilla fresh from the pod! Words can't describe the exquisitely warm fragrance of real vanilla bean, the fruit of the vanilla orchid.

You can actually see all of the vanilla beans in this soap. Simple and wonderful. I use this one to wash my hair and my face. It has really helped both both a lot. It lathers up beautifully. You almost want to eat it....but don't! I say if you don't try this one, you are missing out!

Finally a new one that just popped up as SunBasilGardens has been on a bit of a vacation while moving. You know those silly rubber bracelets of every shape you can think of that the kids are wearing? Well leave it to SunBasilGardens to snag that idea up in a hurry.

Here is her description:


Scent: Green Apple Lollipop
Handcrafted glycerin soap. 4 oz size. Vegan.
Listing is for 1 soap. Always more in stock.

- If you have kids, then you have heard all about Silly Rubber Bands. It's a daily topic of conversation at our house. This brand new soap is for both Mom and the kiddies. Embedded on top is one silly band, and deep inside the soap hides another. Always made with gentle, all natural glycerin soap. As they use this soap up- inside waits 2 silly band bracelets to wear. In a lollipop scent they will love!

- Type in BOY or GIRL in comments field and I will send an appropriate shape. I have themes: CAR/BAND/FARM/ZOO. Otherwise, I will just surprise you!


  1. This is a wonderful post, Cher! I too am a lover of handmade soap, so I was very intrieged to read your descriptions and experience with these. Thank you so much for the great tips!

  2. Thank you, Cher, for featuring my vanilla soap :) It's one of my favorite creations. And I'm honored to be here next to Dancing Mooney and Sun Basil Garden!

  3. Cher- You are so good to us Etsians and I trully treasure your loyalty and support of my soapy creations. Love the works of both Dancing Mooney and Epically Epic. Thanks so much for the shout out and your energetic personality you share with us all.

  4. I love Sunbasilgarden's soaps...I'll definitely have to try some from DancingMooney and Epically Epic :)