Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Back & Lean Dog is looking good!

I'm back from a long hiatus in New Zealand and I am feeling good! Nothing will put you back in the game better than clean air, water, gorgeous green hills, mountains, toss in a few dead volcanoes and caves with active sink holes, blue waters and island hoping, breath taking beaches with sand that glittered in the sun, rugby tournaments with cheeky teens and waterfalls....lots and lots of water falls. Did I mention I was on top of Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings? You could not look left or right without getting b*tch slapped with beautiful. It was impossible.

I was also fortunate enough to meet some really incredible folks. From Joan, a two time cancer survivor who was taking on a breast cancer walk on her own in her town. To a couple (Pat and Diana) who ran charters on their boat out of Auckland. So many lovely folks and so little time!
I am almost feeling homesick now.

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So back home and back to business! Right out of the gate is Lean Dog who wanted a new look for her shop. I love working with Lean Dog because she has so many vibrant colors to work with. And of course I want to use ALL of them. :) Fortunately she gave me a palette she wanted and I went sniffing through her shop for stuff to sample from. Oh the drudgery of having to look through so many pretty things.

She wanted something seasonal, so I came up with this and it was a home run for her on the first hit.

Just click above to get whisked away to her
fabulous funky friendly shop!

Her cute little matching avatar.

She is having a huge sale with 15% off of everything in her store. So do check her out!

I will try to do some catching up with my posts in the days to come. I just had to spend some time over the past several days catching up on sleep and trying to reset my schedule! Jet lag was an understatement!

P.S. Yes! The Traveling Pendant went with me on my adventures and there will be stories to come!


  1. Oh, Cher, I am so happy you had a great time--oh how I would love to see New Zealand! You also look just smashing in that picture!

  2. Thank you so much! Anytime you wanna go and have someone tagalong for hiking about the country side, let me know! You won't have to twist my arm, to hard. :)

  3. Great post, if I do say so myself! I am stil so envious of your travels! Thanks again for your great work! I love it!