Friday, October 22, 2010

Dancing Mooney is having a sale and a giveaway!

I have a few Etsy vendors whom I am very loyal to, and they earned that loyalty through great customer service, great product and just being great individuals. I have many of them listed on my links sections down below there on the right. Not everyone there is an Etsian, but they are all great folks.

No messed with, no fragrance, real honey, oatmeal goats milk soap.
This girl's best friend facial bar.

Dancing Mooney is special because I made my very first Etsy purchase from her and well, we have been an "item" ever since. I am totally hooked on her soaps. I have three lovely soapy ladies. I know that seems a bit ambitious, but I have them all three for very different reasons and they all three make very different products. I like to think of Dancing Mooney as my "lady soap." Very elegant, soft, pretty and oh so good on my skin!

Sweet Pumpkin Spice Goats Milk Soap
Imagine pumpkin pie with whipped cream...a Thanksgiving Day must have!

To celebrate her 2,000th sale she decided to have a 20 percent sale in her shop and even better a give away on one of her new and fabulous products.....her sugar body polish.
Who doesn' t want to smell edible and have glowing kissable skin at the same time?

I'm game!

She was kind enough to send me a sample while in the final stages of development on this new product. I got to try the ginger/peach. As a friend of mine would say "Oh my Lara!" It smells of fresh peaches and the ginger only enhances the fragrance.

The consistency was perfect and after a week of using it at the bathroom sink my cuticles were is salon perfect condition.

I gave her a 10/10 for the new line. Then I start to ask what flavors she was going to start making!

So here is her ad for her sale and contest to receive a free bottle of her sugar body polish. Good luck and happy shopping!

P.S. I highly recommend the Kona is out of this world!


And now a word from Dancing Mooney....

Hey Everyone!

This week I reached the 2000 sales milestone in my shop, and I couldn't have done it without the support of all of you!

Thank you all so much for encouraging me, inspiring me, and giving me the strength to keep moving forward. ♥

This weekend I am holding a Give-Away on my Blog, to say thanks to all my loyal readers and followers.

And, I'm having a 20% off SALE in my shop this weekend as well, which includes everything in the store! Soaps, Jewelry and More!!

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks so much again for all of your continued support!

Look forward to hearing from you!


Stay tuned more adventures in and from New Zealand to come!


  1. Thank you much for spreading the word darlin! ♥

  2. Hehehe, no problem darling...and you caught while editing for spacing. Hope you like. Off to face book with it now.