Friday, January 14, 2011

Please ad me...and introducing Mt. Doom

Hi there, it's me again...

I got to go to the top of Mt. Ruapehu also known as Mt. Doom from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It really did not look like you were on planet earth while up there. Needless to say it was nothing less than awe inspiring and my mouth was once again hanging open in a very unlady like fashion. We started to just tape it shut or use rope to keep it closed. Rather unsightly it was.

Meet Mt. Ruapehu aka Mt. Doom

One day I just got the bug to finger paint. I was looking over the "Mt. Doom" photos and looked at the pile of tubes of paints I had. I had a blank canvas too. I didn't want to take this to seriously and just started to splatter color on the canvas in my lap while at my desk here. My fingers just raced across it with little to no worry about the outcome. I think this was just a "stress release" exercise and I needed something more "hands on" to keep me busy. This was the finished product. No brushes, no rinsing off colors, I just went for it. After it was done, I thought it actually looked pretty good or at the very least, interesting. Now I am not saying it looks that good, but for having 10 minutes of fun with finger painting, I was satisfied with the end results.

Of course having the privilege of standing on top of said mountain at sunset, I caught some killer photos of the sun going down behind some incredible clouds. Middle earth, I finally made there!

Nothing can prepare you for such a stunning ending to an even more incredible day in New Zealand.


  1. Wow, I love that last photo of the sunset, beautiful! Grabbed your button hun! ♥

  2. Actually... that is a GREAT painting!!! You should do more.