Thursday, June 24, 2010

Please Minnie, don't stop Moaning...The Mad Hatter!

It is clear that I love style, but I also buy style that has form and function. You won't see me sporting a diamond tennis bracelet or pricey sunglasses with a small dog as an accessory or to use as a doll to dress like me. (I find that cruel!)

(The Lady in Red - Left)

I kinda had this health issue where my long locks of thick Irish hair was failing a rapid rate. I later found out what the medical issue was and have since been working on remedying it. Nothing was hiding the thin spots so I thought a hat might work. One night while cruising the Etsy pages I came across Moaning Minnie and her lovely hats. I instantly fell in love with her black Kashmir cap with buckle. So I ordered it.

My my was so soft, comfortable and became a staple of my wardrobe. Most pictures you see of me I am wearing my favorite black cap.

(Black cap like mine but in linen instead of Kashmir for the warmer months of the year.)

After a while I decided I needed a few more hats. The quality was undeniable and I was constantly getting compliments. I grabbed a few sale hats and later a brown cap and blue/brown cap. I love them! I feel rather naked without a hat on now.

So I had a few questions for her and she was kind enough to reply. So here you go, The Fabulous and talented
Moaning Minnie....

Why Moaning Minnie as a name?

This came naturally to me. My mum has always called me Moaning Minnie, apparently I moaned a lot as a child! She taught me everything I know including my sewing and pattern making skills. When she was the age I am now my Mum was a Bag Designer and pattern maker for a major retailer so had great skills to pass on.

Why hats?

I have a large head and mainstream hats are always made to one size and always too small for me. I love hats and this inspired me to make my own and the business side of me realized I'd found a niche in the market. A win win situation, I run a business selling a product I love to make with a passion.

What are your favorite materials?

First and foremost,fabric. High quality natural fabrics. I especially love wool tweeds. Secondly, vintage buckles. A weird obsession but I do genuinely love buckles!

What can we look forward to seeing in the near future?

MM is just a baby at one year old so the future is exciting. In the short term you will see new products including arm warmers and a new design of hat. In the autumn you will be seeing a fab new range of bags, all in wool tweeds and some leather. In the longer term you will see a new shop selling home wares.

Needless to say, to not have a Moaning Minnie upon my crown would be like a day with no sunshine. They have become a trademark of mine. I recently saw similar hats being sold in the mall. Blah! Flimsy, no lining, horrible material and the craftsmanship... well let's just say they are meant to be "disposable." I'll have my Moaning Minnie hats and head bands for years to come.

So keep up the Moaning, Minnie...we like it when you do so!

This Raven gives Minnie 5 out of 5 feathers for quality, creativity, friendly service and for just being and out and out great gal. Only on Etsy can you shop in England, Prague, Germany and Seattle all in one day. Who needs a mall??


  1. Totally love her style! Gonna have to take a look! ♥

  2. I can totally see you in an adorable clothe hat!

  3. I love my Moaning Minnie hat - it fits perfectly and doesn't squash the curls!

  4. i have several things from the min's shop and love them all. her hats are fab; the hair bands a secret weapon on bad hair days; and i love the fabrics she uses for her bags. absolutely nothing to moan about here! lol