Saturday, March 13, 2010

GimmeeNicole - Alice Tea Time Couture

Recently this past week I finally got to go see the new Alice in Wonderland movie (I am currently packing my bags to move) and and I got to see it in 3D. I can honestly say...don't bother to go see it unless you can see it in is just so awesome! Fun, Fun, Fun! I then had my husband take me out to dinner to a local pizza place (which is by no means your typical pizza joint) called Pizza by Elizabeth. No doubt, she and Alice are related. Below is a photo of the entrance of Pizza by Elizabeth and in warmer weather you can eat out in that area. Inside there is a baby grand piano with a nice gentleman playing away, statutes of Betty Boop and crystal lamps with brightly colored walls and beautifully gold gilded framed mirrors.
If Alice was to have pizza and or tea here in my home state, this would be the place. Of course if you plan on attending such an establishment you can go in jeans or you can find the proper vintage fantasy attire to attend by shopping with Nicole and let her help you find some wonderful garments from the 30's to the 90's as she is very dreamy, just like Alice...

And now a word or two or three or who is counting anyway from NICOLE...

Hallo! My name is NICOLE and I have a shoppe on etsy that highlights my supreme penchant for finding vintage clothing that is either horribly kitsch or else very verrrry pretty- HOW fun, right? I agree, but it has taken me a little while to come around.

Here is Nicole in Pure Alice, all ready for a tea or pizza party!

A slinnnnnnky red number is a must have in any respectable Alice wardrobe. The Queen of Hearts only wishes she could look this hot in vintage.

And of course no couture wardrobe is complete without the iconic little black dress. I think the Mad Hatter would go beyond mad working out Alice in this number. Meow! Where does that cat keep coming from???

Nicole is a firm believer and has converted me with a few stunning pieces I have acquired myself through here philosophy that inner wear should be used as outer wear! How mad of a hatter can you be? Apparently pretty mad, which is good, I think. It is fun, daring and loads of fun to play with. And, why not? She always has a great selection and an even better price!
Did I mention GORGEOUS?

More from NICOLE....

I have a pretty good background in teaching and in social work- last year I taught in Japan, Mexico, and Korea (weoo!), and before that I was a peace corps volunteer in Gambia, focusing mostly on small business development- but also on education, health, solar energy, and farming. and reading. and trying not to freak out from the heat and lack of junk food.

I always try to volunteer wherever I am- old folks homes, health care centers, animal shelters, homeless shelters, judging beauty pageants (oh yes, you read that right), and more recently, an animal rescue center in the amazon, and a wolf center in California... so doing something purely superficial- buying lots and lots of vintage wear, and then reselling it on etsy- was kind of eating at my soul.
Also eating at my soul was the fact that I was really enjoying the whole process. I've been running a one woman show and I LIKE it. (We do too!)

I spend hours and hours mending, taking photos, drawing up mini stories, talking with customers, riding to the post office, and the biggest deal of all- buying. I have recently found out that I am a SHOPPER. I never knew I had this quality, Cher, never. I have officially out-shopped everyone I know at this point and now search out vintage finds alone. it's like survival of the fittest when I step into a boutique. depending on how long the dress rack extends, how many other broads are there, and how far away from a meal I am, I quite literally elbow my way through like my life sort of depends on it.
okay, you can choose not to include that last part and I won't mind ONE BIT. I sound like such a shopping jerk. I am pretty nice, I promise.

Back to my justification. (Like you need justification to this number above....yosser!)
I've attributed a large part of feeling good to being able to express myself accurately, and no matter how superficial you are about to think this is, what you wear every day really is important. It can completely change how you feel about yourself, and that's that.

Art is extremely important, and I love people who really go out on a limb with what they put on their bodies and how they choose to show a part of their personality to strangers. I feel like a pretty proud mother when someone buys something so very kitsch that I wonder how they're going to get away with it...
There are a lot of pretty things in my shop, because I simply can't resist a beautiful well made piece of history, but I also sell quite a lot of train wreck things...both are the type of clothing I want to see more of out there.
I don't like to own a whole lot of things, so what I do own I really cherish, and that's something I would like to see a lot more of too. if you could only own five pieces-total-in your wardrobe, would each of them be incredible?

And recycling! QUITE POSSIBLY THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL. hello, I almost forgot it. besides being constructed ethically and soundly and looking AMAZING, vintage clothing is excellent for the environment, and how can I not feel good about that?

So as important as it is to work with wee ones and animals and the English hungry and people who have been born in a part of the world with little to no resources, here's to hoping that my current project, while categorically shallow, provides some kind of social and environmental impacts and makes its way toward being kind of important too.

Thank you very much for reading, and happy searching!

This is not your every day gal in a slip with a gorilla head...this girl has style, grace and had done some traveling around the world and seen some interesting variations on a theme. Alice after all is based on diversity and doing things differently than everyone else with exciting and pleasant surprises. So dig in and have fun! Clothing should be boring. Nicole can help you out and the more I watch her the better she gets!

We love you too Nicole!!!


  1. I love the pizza place, but I don't think the dresses will suit me really.

  2. LURV the black one with all the sequins and beads!!

  3. SO BEAUTIFUL... incredible lavish lovelies ~

  4. Vim, I see you in that red number just fine.

    Angel...You could pull it question.

    Plain...lavish as you are!

  5. WHAT. so my attempts at commenting on my own feature never even went through back in the day?
    I'm on to you, INTERNET.

    Cher you're still my hero. thank you thank you again.

    from the future