Monday, February 8, 2010


And I love Silver Smith's even more! Especially ones whom adorn my neck with such great goodies as Jackie Schmitt does! Before my name dedication, before I became Rev. Raven Muse....there was just Cher. I had started to do business with Jackie and purchased one of her ripped tags with my families astrological symbols on them, then one for my husband. During conversations with her I told her of my soon to be dedicated name of Raven Muse Wind Song and suddenly this baby appeared. I was stunned, shocked, delighted...darn right giddy! I wear this puppy just about every day and it was part of my name dedication ceremony. What an honor and thrill it was to have such a wonderful artist create such a beautiful silver piece for me! How can you not love someone that thoughtful!!!

After my name settled in and I began to build my site and get my business up and running, or should I say organized in a more professional manor, Jackie wanted me to design her graphics for her Etsy shop. I could not have been more thrilled that she asked! I get to (hopefully) repay her by doing her justice in the graphics department as she has done for me in the silver department.

So her shopping list included:

An Etsy Avatar

An Etsy Shop Banner

An appreciation picture
And a business card.

Jackie is incredible to work with, be it she is your customer or you are hers...either way it is a pure delight! You must must must check out what she does with silver and stone. It is nothing short of amazing. Raw and intricate, refined and just have to check it out. Every piece is OOAK. Just click on the sampler below to be swept off to her shop!

Thank you Jackie...for everything!

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