Saturday, January 23, 2010

300 x's 2 equal Lean Dog Going Out to Dinner

I was nosing around today...ya...I'm nosy... and found this on twitter:

LeanDogClayArt it would be fantastic if I'd reach 600 sales by the end of the wknd. it would give us an excuse to go out to dinner and celebrate!

Well I think every girl should have a chance to go out. 600! That is like the movie 300 with all of those really HOT, SEXY, SWEATY, GORGEOUS, TOTALLY RIPPED GLADIATORS THAT ARE COMPLETELY UNATTAINABLE and only half the number;


but you can actually get Lean Dogs Hot goods, and delivered to your door! (if I have not purchased it already.)

And you should go visit her, right away. If she does not get to go out to dinner...bad things could happen.

I don't care, he is still hot.

For the record, she is also having a sale and a give away at her blog which you can find HERE.

You know you are dying to see what can possibly be as raw and beautiful as these gladiators....well go check it out...move along now....